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From concept to completion, we have the ability to help you transition your production from the meeting room to reality, providing the finest possible equipment, qualified riggers and crew.


We are your Rigging Partner!

Over the years, we have developed relationships across the Middle  East  that  have  allowed us  to  build the  best  panel of rigging professionals and  provide  access  to premium equipment to ensure that we are well placed  to  provide   your  event,  show  or  exhibition  with  the  optimum rigging solution.

We work in close partnership with you, our clients in producing outstanding events from concept to completion, providing full-package solutions, including customer care service. Your satisfaction and your trust is ultimately our end goal in everything that we do.

Our Team

Core Values

Our partnership with our clients is as vital as our relationship with our own people.

Here at iRIG, we operate in these values and apply them inside out.  Each and every one of us tries our best to live and breathe them, to harness rapport and to deliver the kind of service needed by our clients.

We call them, 

The 3 “i’s” of iRIG

  • Integrity – trust, honesty, credibility, reliability, reputation, value of our brand

  • Inclusion – teamwork, confidence in staff and clients, fairness and tolerance of other cultures, equal opportunities, value of people

  • Impact – quality, client experience, customer satisfaction, new and repeat business, value of our work


Ryan D'Cunha

Managing Director

Ryan has been involved in the rigging industry since the age of 15. His career has spanned all areas of the industry including rigging for film & TV, corporate, theatre and arena events across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Working on high-profile projects such as the London Olympic, Paralympic and Sochi Winter Olympic Ceremonies has afforded him the experience of installing the largest scale Automation Systems ever assembled. Aside from the above mentioned areas of expertise, Ryan also specialises in work at height, performer flying crew safety systems and rope access. He is the only rigging professional based in the UAE who has delivered rigging solutions in Olympic Ceremonies and Hollywood feature films.

To cater to the specialised requirements of the events industry, Ryan felt compelled to establish iRIG . Together with his business partner, Mathias Wilke, Ryan founded iRIG in 2015.

As iRIG’s managing director, his responsibility is to ensure that the team delivers exceptional standards in order to guarantee the satisfaction of each and every client.

Get in touch with Ryan:


Mathias Wilke

Managing Partner & Technical Director

Mathias has over 20 years’ experience in the international event industry. A certified specialist in event engineering, his expertise and meticulous attention to detail coupled with a high regard for safety, make him highly sought after in the industry.

He has worked with internationally recognized companies worldwide on high-end projects, from the Olympic Opening Ceremony 2004 in Athens to touring with the likes of the Foo Fighters and being part of Fashion Week Berlin for four years consecutively. Having lived in different continents of the world, he came to Dubai in 2012 curious and excited about the city that has been growing in reputation.

After years of freelancing, Mathias and Ryan formed iRIG and have been positively impacting the industry since its inception.

As a managing partner and Technical Director, Mathias’ strength lies in the day-to-day operations of the company, from technical planning and Project Management to detailed CAD.

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Rigging technician /Crew supervisor



Rigging technician /Crew supervisor

Sergio Barcon Jr


Rigging technician /Crew supervisor

Jason Werner


Rigging technician /Crew supervisor

Rowel Aguilar

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